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The Case for Assad to Remain

“…As bad of a dictator as Assad is and as terrible as it is that Assad has aligned himself with Iran, Hezbollah, and Hamas, Assad nevertheless has a functioning government that provides law and order. …If President Trump topples Assad then only sectarian rebel groups will remain. …The only way that this author can support Assad’s removal is if President Trump also sends to Syria a couple hundred thousand American troops to help stand up a transitional government.”

Should President Trump Remove Bashar al-Assad from Syria?

“…if President Trump is determined to go this route -risking war with Russia in order to topple Assad- then he should do so only, and only if, he also authorizes putting on the ground in Syria a couple of hundred thousand American troops to provide the law and order that will be necessary to stand up a transitional government.”

A Commission to Address U.S.-Russia Relations

“As Congress did following the September 11 attacks by setting up an independent commission and funding it through a bill signed into law by President George W. Bush, it should do again in regards to U.S.-Russia relations in the post-Cold War era.”

How to End the Syrian Civil War

“…certain parameters rooted in the on-the-ground reality must guide America’s response. Since the West is unwilling to engage the Russian military in Syria, it is immediately evident that the Syrian civil war is not the type of situation where Western politicians or the United Nations can decide unilaterally what is to be done…”

Three Major Intervention Lessons Learned from Iraq

“These three lessons … may be taken as qualifying conditions to any future Middle Eastern regime change endeavor. …if these conditions cannot be met, then no matter the Middle Eastern dictator… that dictator should not be forcibly removed from power because of the mass bloodshed and chaos that will result.”

How U.S.-Russia Relations Collapsed

“Sometimes viewing a problem from a fresh perspective requires removing that problem from its historical moorings and placing it somewhere else….”

Was Kabul Bank a Ponzi Scheme?

“Kabul Bank was never a Ponzi scheme. It had elements of a Ponzi scheme, but it was not a bonafide Ponzi scheme. Kabul Bank was a case of embezzlement. It was a straight theft of the public’s money.”

Kabul Bank’s True Borrowers’ List

“…the true borrowers’ list used Microsoft Excel. Q gave me a copy of the true borrowers’ list. It is the basis for most of the figures in this paper.”

Kabul Bank, the Central Bank, and the Rise of Khaliullah Fruzi

…Kabul Bank paid a bribe to the central bank for every annual audit, every policy approval, and every administrator that was confirmed. …In 2005, Fruzi became a Kabul Bank borrower. Q says that Fruzi used to come to the bank shabbily dressed and arriving in taxicabs….